What Dialysis Patients Should Know about COVID-19


Kevin is the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center at the Chicago Urban League.

Name of the organization you represent: 

The Chicago Urban League’s  Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Tell us about your organization and the work you do there. 

The Chicago Urban League’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation was founded in 2007 to help African Americans launch, grow and sustain businesses. The Center provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to maximize revenues, reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive job creation while encouraging innovation. The Center also helps businesses obtain supplier diversity certifications, respond to bids on public and private contracts, and increase the number and average dollar value of contracts won.

What communities do you serve? 

We typically serve residents in Chicago and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Why is the work you do important?

Successful entrepreneurs of color are not only important to the African American community, but to the economic development of the entire City of Chicago.

Why did you decide to join the Illinois Kidney Care Alliance? 

We joined IKCA because the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that without our health, we have nothing. We all need to keep ourselves, our families, and our teams healthy to run successful businesses and live well-rounded lives.

What do you hope the alliance accomplishes? 

I’m hopeful that the alliance is able to positively impact lives and inspire people to make better decisions for their health.

​​What policy changes do those living with kidney disease need now?

Illinoisans need for it to be made easier for them to get accurate healthcare information about kidney disease and preventive care. 

What is something most people don’t know about dialysis/kidney disease? 

  1. Early-stage kidney disease patients often don’t have any symptoms. 
  2. Kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S. – killing more people than breast cancer or prostate cancer every year.

If you can share one story about the work you and your organization do, what would it be? 

Indica Digital was and continues to be a great success story for us. They started with our NextDeal program – a 12-week program designed to develop teams of professional services firms to pursue large prime and 2nd tier contracts. They graduated and then went through our NextLevelExchange program (WBDC & Sunshine Ent as Program Partners). 

Since then, NLE has become a client of Indica Digital and they have some huge clients to add to their roster too. We are proud of them.

Any additional information you would like to share about your organization? 

People can visit our website to learn more about our programs at chiurbanleaguecei.com.