What Dialysis Patients Should Know about COVID-19


Tell us about your organization and the work you do there. 

Healthy Illinois is rooted in a mission to expand access to affordable, quality health care for everyone in Illinois, regardless of their immigration status. We work at the intersection of immigration and health care to address issues that impact the larger immigrant community in our state.

What communities do you serve?

We work with people across the state. 

What populations do you serve? 

Illinoisans without access to health care, Illinoisans who are underinsured, and undocumented immigrants.

Why did you decide to join the Illinois Kidney Care Alliance? 

Healthy Illinois joined IKCA to advocate for the needs of communities impacted by kidney disease. Our coalition hears stories from communities impacted by this disease and ensures that we fight for comprehensive pathways to coverage that holistically address the health care needs of the entire Illinois population, as well as those impacted by kidney disease.

What do you hope the alliance accomplishes? 

Healthy Illinois hopes IKCA is able to raise awareness of kidney disease as well as options for treatment for Illinoisans, while joining the fight for broader access to health care for all. We seek to ensure no one goes financially bankrupt because they’re seeking treatment.

What policy changes do those living with kidney disease need now? 

Everyone needs access to quality, affordable, comprehensive coverage.

What can lawmakers do to help those with kidney disease? 

Lawmakers can create aggressive policies on a definitive timeline to help cover all Illinoisans without health insurance, or those that may be uninsured in the near future.

If you can share one story about the work you and your organization do, what would it be? 

Healthy Illinois just helped secure an expansion of health care for low-income immigrant seniors 65 and over, making Illinois the first state in the country to offer a state-funded program to this population. We’re excited to continue the work under our original legislative proposal, Healthy Illinois for All, to expand health care for all adults without coverage over the age of 19.